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Fred. Galusik <>
Fred. Galusik <>
Wed Oct 19 20:40:47 2016 UTC
Add git based ChangeLog
blob - /dev/null
blob + abee67b4fc02a75952d203abdea4e64ecd4946b5 (mode 644)
--- /dev/null
+++ ChangeLog
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+d41d335 (HEAD -> master, tag: v1.0.1, origin/master, origin/HEAD) fix doas
+36f1bef 1.0.1 release
+6611abf fix doas instruction
+b013b1a (tag: v1.0) new release
+93375b5 snaps man page
+ba6929d version bump and extra MIRROR info when check for date
+e95ef82 version bump and take care of man
+cc1cb2c man page written with txt2tags
+194afdf (tag: v0.8.2) version bump
+44a9e0a wait for the man page for the 1?0 release :P
+4f24ce3 update
+afbcf24 check build date if curl is installed and some vars cleanup
+c0497da (tag: v0.8.1) last tarball
+4b52444 bump version
+6569096 some text cleaning
+8d9d645 some text cleaning
+5d62090 rm if exist to not let ftp warn about not supporting resume
+6123f43 The VAR Name was not the trouble. Grep has to handle only the 1st VERSION var so, add ^ to the filter
+c5bfac5 change remote var to deal with grep
+b91687e sync README
+c08641e bump version
+2487c3d take care of AUTHORS
+4f51184 thuban added as a contributor
+afbbeef Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
+4ac6a75 auto snaps upgrade sans wget
+99b957c add option to upgrade snaps. Change wget to something better
+724c621 (tag: v0.8) new tarball
+010e744 rm old tarball release
+e4bd354 bump version
+25e7322 bump version
+a9e5efa Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
+a5238a2 quick and dirty fix fox wrong bsd.rd url
+8be94cc add -p option to update port tree (thanks Thuban)
+90fd110 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
+7ea4d6a -p to update port tree
+78eec18 (tag: v0.6) 0.6 tarball
+5240c87 add Makefile for easier install/uninstall
+8f8ee0b fix formatting
+9762216 add some informations
+52cbbe2 Improve help and make MIRROR from pkg.conf safer (thanks PengouinPdt for pointing it)
+174fad5 Update signify key to 60
+22806d0 update README
+8f27a56 update to last current
+57eba47 take care of new pkg.conf
+43a799e update signify to 5.8 beta
+d7da22d fix get_log
+73c41ed add revert option
+b3c663c the user can export the MIRROR var too
+be29f55 cleanup and MIRROR var found in pkg.conf
+4ea91ad add logs and cli parser
+55c8f69 echo -n for questions
+65dc0d1 fix
+a8940ec power
+98c9008 new BSD License
+8084011 first try
+ed39a74 what is snaps
+6f8ddf9 da first
blob - 75c4e0a7652d2e0bf4f9fff436a9d1e47b1bcd8f
blob + aa5a232f5635ad8c5699a97ca41a4e4339ee7feb
--- Makefile
+++ Makefile
@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ VERSION=1.0.1
+ @echo writing ChangeLog
+ @git log --oneline --decorate > ChangeLog
@echo cleaning snaps.1
@rm -f snaps.1
@@ -16,7 +20,7 @@ man: man_clean
tarball: man
@echo creating tarball
@mkdir -p snaps-${VERSION}
- @cp -R AUTHORS LICENSE Makefile snaps.t2t snaps.1 snaps snaps-${VERSION}
+ @cp -R AUTHORS LICENSE ChangeLog Makefile snaps.t2t snaps.1 snaps snaps-${VERSION}
@tar czvf snaps-${VERSION}.tar.gz snaps-${VERSION}
@rm -rf snaps-${VERSION}
Frédéric Galusik